2016 Review

After being inspired by Karla over at Boho Berry I have been reflecting over the last couple of days and have decided to do a review of my year.

What are the main things I’ve done / achieved this year?

  • Was assigned my first case with the Youth Offending Service
  • Completed my first cycle (1 year) of mentoring with TwentyTwenty
  • Sold my first car and bought my first brand new one!
  • Quit my job (lifeguarding / swimming teaching) and started working security
  • Started and played 80 minutes of every single game of the 2015/16 season for Loughborough University and Loughborough Town
  • Nominated for CVA awards
  • Played in the BUCS Premiership quarter finals for Loughborough Uni
  • Organised a Naked Calendar for charity
  • Spent a week with the RFU at Twickenham
  • Helped organise the Spirit Of Rugby Loughborough Launch Festival
  • Got my SIA license
  • Played County Rugby
  • Won the “players player” awards at Loughborough Town end of season dinner
  • Coached Rugby in Malawi and met some bloody amazing people and kids!
  • Also travelled to: South Africa, Zambia and Morocco
  • Moved to Birmingham
  • Started my year of full time voluntary service with City Year UK (incredible charity, incredible people!)
  • Changed teams and started playing for Lichfield #RedAndGreenFamily
  • Played in a fixture against Scotland
  • Achieved level 2 rugby coaching accreditation
  • Applied and was accepted onto the Uprising Leadership Programme
  • Started a bullet journal
  • Signed and put a deposit down for my own flat in 2017


What am I most proud of this year?

  • The progress I have made with my mentoring, especially one of the girls from TwentyTwenty
  • The positive effect I am having on my kids at school whilst volunteering with City Year (I imagine this is what it feels like to be a proud parent)

What could have been better this year?

  • I didn’t focus enough and wasn’t disciplined enough studying for my degree which resulted in me being disappointed with my results for my second year
  • Financial planning – especially when fundraising for Malawi

Favourite moments from the year?

  • Winning a sevens tournament on my birthday and celebrating with the Loughborough team
  • Seeing how happy sports made everyone in Malawi (not just the kids!)
  • Red Jacket Ceremony with City Year
  • My sister introducing me to Bullet Journaling

What can I do to build on my success for next year?

  • Continue to set, pursue and review my goals
  • Stay focused and be disciplined – especially upon returning to Uni in September!
  • Always ask questions and pick the brains of interesting people I meet!
  • Take every opportunity




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