Monthly INSPO

So I have been thinking for the last couple of weeks about what I wanted my next post to be – I say that as if I have been writing on a regular basis… this will only be post number three (17Before2017 and 2016Review) and somehow it is already February?! I started writing this post in January… oops.

As much as I haven’t been writing much I have been thinking and planning a lot whilst being caught up in every day life. I have been debating a lot of different ideas… started some and not finished a lot… but I just haven’t got into the habit of writing on a regular basis YET #GrowthMindset

It has been a busy first month back at school with City Year and at Uprising, the nine-month leadership development programme and social action project I work on.

On my first session back at Uprising there were three very inspirational guest speakers there to pass on their wisdom; Khakan Qureshi from Birmingham South Asians LGBT , Alyah Hasinah, Herstory LIVE (what an incredible woman!) and Tony Bhajam, Beatfreeks.

After hearing from Tony at Beatfreeks about a new project they are running I took a look at their website, it is an organisation I have heard a lot about, but never really looked into myself… oh how I should have!

One of Beatfreeks current and ongoing projects is the journey of blogging. Writers are presented with a different theme each month and are invited to write about their experiences and discuss various issues.


January – Do Something New

February – Injustices

March – Political Opinions

April – Emotions

May – Wellbeing

June – Advice

July – Celebrating Cultures

August – Free

Guidance for January;

“explore the year with goals, stories and something you’ve never done before”

So with in mind… I will shortly be posting my first (belated) #BeatfreeksInspired blog post: January – Something New.

I am starting something new. I am, starting from now, posting on this blog on a regular basis. No matter how small or trivial the topic may be… if I write it, I am going to post it!





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